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Cross-channel, multi-platform digital marketing platform.



With our patented Boogiespot™ technology your patrons promote your venue to their friends on Facebook through your own venue-branded iPhone and Android applications. When your patrons bring more people into your venue, increasing your turnover and patronage, they are rewarded.

Boogiespot™ turns all of your patrons into in-house photographers, drives more Facebook Likes, maximises patron Check Ins, massively increases your social media brand exposure, automatically populates your customer database with more valuable information than ever before, keeps your patrons up to date with all your latest events, specials and competitions and effortlessly drives patron loyalty.

Boogiespot™ empowers you to reduce the amount of time, money and effort you spend on administrative and marketing activities whilst slashing your reliance on push-marketing to your patrons via email and SMS.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Dave O’Connell – Director, Woolshed On Hindley

Woolshed On Hindley

Since setting up Boogiespot™ in our hotel we have seen a massive 20% increase in turnover. Thanks guys, tremendous work!

Tom Colley – GM, Little Pub

The Little Pub

Boogiespot™ has driven an increase of 65% in our venue's patronage. Nothing short of amazing.

Jess Conti - Director, Orange Whip Night club

Orange Whip

My App was one of the most downloaded Apps in launched! My database has grown faster than I could have hoped for and my patrons are loving it!

David Elmes, GM/ Director - Watermark Glenelg


It has been really great seeing my patrons getting into our app and using it to invite their mates down to our venue. Since our launch, we've actually seen an increase in our patronage.

Ricky Stylianou, Director - Metropolis Fremantle & Amplifier Capitol

Metropolis Fremantle & Amplifier Capitol

LOKE provide cutting edge technology and marketing to my venues. Their service is top class and my venue has never been busier!